Back On Trac in Missouri Valley

Movement is Life!

BACK ON TRAC achieves great results for our patients suffering from:

  • bulging and herniated disc
  • degenerative spinal joints
  • compression fracture
  • facet syndrome
  • spondylolisthesis
  • scoliotic curvatures
  • many other mobility problems that cause pain

Goals of Lumbar Mechanical Traction in Missouri Valley

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Our chiropractic patients experience increased range of motion, increased flexibility, improved circulation, relief from lumbar and thoracic pain, improved mobility, and relief from sciatic pain.

Patients are set up easily, no cumbersome restraints, belts, or harnesses. It takes only seconds. Once the patient is set up, BACK ON TRAC is an unattended therapy. The patient is in an amazingly comfortable supine position.

I often use the Summus Laser to better benefit the effects of this therapy to enhance the patient outcome.

With its 21 protocols, BACK ON TRAC, provides a wide range of treatment options to aid in relief of chronic back pain and it is the perfect tool to keep our patient's back in good health.

BACK ON TRAC is fully automated and offers safe effective stretching of the thoracic and lumbar spine in conjunction with therapeutic exercise using unilateral/bilateral flexion. Using this applied combination of treatment therapy is what sets BACK ON TRAC apart and makes it unique from any other.

BACK ON TRAC relieves back pain, increases flexibility, mobility, and range of motion. With the added therapies of heat and vibration, the patient becomes passive and experiences a very relaxing treatment achieving desired results.

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