Chiropractic Testimonials

"I had been in constant pain for nearly 20 years. Doctors tried numerous procedures & surgeries. Nothing provided relief. A friend told me about Dr. Hoyt. After a few K Laser treatments my pain improved. I have continued with treatments & my pain has decreased immensely. I am finally able to sleep. I am able to do things I enjoy without pain. Dr. Hoyt is truly amazing!"

- Karen M.

"Dr. Hoyt is amazing! He keeps my back in good shape with the K Laser and has helped me avoid back surgery. He really is the gentle chiropractor."

- Coleen C.

"I have been bringing my twins to Dr. Hoyt since they were 4 months old. They are now 1 1/2. At first, my son was unable to lift or turn his head. With Dr. Hoyt's help, he very quickly improved and caught up with his sister. We see Dr. Hoyt monthly for adjustments. I always tell people I think this is why they are such healthy kids. Dr. Hoyt also helped me during my pregnancy and I give him credit for helping me make it to almost 36 weeks with my twins."

- Susie S.

"The laser treatment has really helped my allergies - less need for medications. The adjustments have helped my sports injuries & improved my overall health due to chronic autoimmune conditions."

- Erik G.


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